God’s Protection– Even in the Midst of Tragedy

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God’s protection— even in the midst of tragedy.

For a truck to break through a guard rail (seen on the right), flip over to face the other direction while landing on a cliff… and avoiding a huge fall into a canyon as seen in the third picture…  is truly miraculous.  But God– only by God’s protection could this be possible. You see, even in the wake  of tragedy, there are many times that we can stand back and see how God’s Hand of protection was over us and protecting us from much worse devastation.  There are many people who survive horrible accidents with minor injuries. There are others who get shot and even though a horrific situation, no vital organs are injured and no bones broken. The world is evil… but God is not… and horrible things happen in this world, but God is there to pick up the pieces when we turn to Him.

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Photo credits: http://www.snopes.com/photos/accident/culvert.asp


9 thoughts on “God’s Protection– Even in the Midst of Tragedy

  1. I don’t know if you’ll get this comment, (maybe in your spam). What a miraculous story! God and this person’s guardian angel had to be watching over them in this accident! The drop off on that cliff looked like sure death! Guess it just wasn’t that person’s time to “go” yet…


  2. So true, yet so tragic many will deny this truth even in the face of this evidence. We must forever praise God for these moments and pray for those who deny His hand of providence ion them.

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