Bullying: A Must See Movie “A Girl Like Her”

Bullying is a huge problem. It is found in schools, workplaces, and even homes. Unfortunately, those who bully do not even realize that they are bullying because their behaviors  are learned and are considered acceptable to them. And those who witness it are too concerned about their own safety to stand up to the bullies for fear of retaliation against them. So victims endure more and more bullying… until something happens.

I encourage all of you to watch this documentary with footage of bullying taken on a hidden video-cam.  A picture is worth a 1000 words… and video footage of actual bullying is worth even more. This is a must-see for all.  It is currently available on Netflix.



13 thoughts on “Bullying: A Must See Movie “A Girl Like Her”

  1. I might disagree with you on bullies not realizing they are bullies. All bullies are cowards. They make a conscious effort to bully….it makes them feel less like the coward they are.

    • Hi Laurel! Some bullies may realize it but when unacceptable behaviors become acceptable in their lives, then they consider their behavior normal. It’s like the cycle of abuse. Many abusers do not consider themselves abusive because it was the way that they were raised. They think it is perfectly normal to yell, scream, curse, hit, and break things…. because their parents did it to them. But, hurting people hurt people… and that includes bullies. Something in their background causes them to act that way…

      • And that’s something that I have never understood. Loser was raised like he was going to be the next king…he said himself “I thought I was going to rule the world”….yet, he was the screamer, slapper, yeller, curser and cabinet door slammer. It never made any sense to me. His parents NEVER treated him the way he treated me and his children…and his employees…they despised him. His behavior ultimately cost him the job he had spent his entire life reaching for.

      • Amazing! It makes you wonder if his grandparents were abusive or where he learned these behaviors. He had what appears to be “delusions of grandeur” or narcissistic traits. Hopefully, he learned his lesson when he lost his job.

      • Oh, no. He was revered by EVERYBODY in his family. He was the golden boy. He was “the light that shines on the world” in highschool…..”most likely to succeed”….the president of everything.
        Nope….when he got fired…..it was MY fault….I had damaged his career.

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