Remembering “Poems Up in Heaven”

Recently, I was reading a book and the author talked about us being “poems in heaven”.  I could not help but smile and remember the song that I know that God gave me several years ago… because I sure don’t sing and this song was playing in my head that day when I wrote it down. I want to share it with you again today in anticipation of the poem that I will post tomorrow. I only wish that I could play the piano or guitar and try to write the music for it too.


I want to share a song with you that has been playing in my head recently. As I wrote down the words, I just felt in my heart that this is how He sees us all… like “Poems up in heaven”, each beautifully written by Him.

“Poems up in heaven”…
that’s what we are.
Beautifully written…
like a big shining star.
With plans for each life…
from beginning to end…
released to this earth…
then back to heaven again.

Source: “Poems Up in Heaven”


7 thoughts on “Remembering “Poems Up in Heaven”

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  2. i get your very good blog

    i was abused as a child by different adults

    are you aware of any research



    • Hi Mark! I am so sorry that you have suffered these abuses. I can tell you that even research will never reveal the true numbers of abuse victims because it is hidden behind closed doors and too many don’t even realize the damage that verbal and emotional abuse does so it is not even included in most stats. However the site that I use is the National Coalition. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website is
      Mark, I can also tell you that God is the Key to overcome all that we encounter in this world. Please hold onto Him and seek healing and restoration that can only come from Him. I will be praying for you. God bless you, my friend!

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