DV Awareness Day #10: The Cycle of Abuse Like Moving Lines in the Sand

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As we bring awareness to domestic violence this month, remember that even Elijah cried out to the Lord and declared, “It is enough. O Lord!”

The cycle of abuse…
is like moving lines in the sand
as it begins a little at at time…
but too many just don’t understand.
For we “draw lines in the sand”
but then move them again and again…
as the abuses increase…
and the cycle of abuse begins.
For it starts with the “honeymoon”
where the behavior seems to be great…
then our line gets crossed…
but they apologize for their “mistake”.
So we continue the relationship…
but our lines get repeatedly crossed…
and we keep moving our lines…
allowing our abusers to be boss.
For as we let our guard down…
negative behaviors become more accepted…
as they go from “honeymoon” to “tension”…
then finally the “explosion” is expected.
For once you move your line…
abusers will try again and again…
pushing the lines of tolerance…
where the cycle of abuse will not end.
So determine your level of tolerance…
and draw your line in the sand.
And never accept these abuses…
and behind your line forever stand.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2016.

“It is enough; now, O LORD” 1 Kings 19:4

Dear Lord, deliver all of us from the cycle of abuse.  Expose the lies and deceptions of man. Help us to draw lines against the abuses of mankind and set our “lines” based on Your standards of righteousness.  Empower us to stand firm against  the attacks of the enemy and to walk in boldness as You lead with healing and restoration to all… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Image result for drawing the line in the sand against abuse


23 thoughts on “DV Awareness Day #10: The Cycle of Abuse Like Moving Lines in the Sand

  1. Reblogged this on When Mental and Chronic Illness Collide and commented:
    Trigger Warning: Abuse

    Abuse is powerful. It forever changes us. As many of us are survivors of trauma or abuse, I thought this would be an important thing to share, in case it can help someone ❤

    Reblog from SecretAngelsps911.wordpress.com

  2. Hi Angel, it’s me Steve from the True Light! I just started a new blog and am glad you found me. I was just thinking of you the other day and maybe I would contact you…and now, here you are! Glad to see you as your work with “broken people” is such an important ministry! I always wish you the very best and God’s blessings…


    • Hi Steve!! Great to hear from you! I was wondering what had happened to you. I tried to go to your blog to visit but was no longer active. Good to see that you are back and sharing God’s word. And thanks again for all of your support in the past and now. Many, many blessings to you, my friend!

      • You are always so kind, sweet, and encouraging, Angel! I have known you through WP for a couple of years or more now and you are one of the most dedicated supporters of your cause, and God’s ministry here!

        Thank you for following me to my new site. I won’t be as active on it as I have been with my other blog in the past, but I do appreciate the support.

        Take care and may the Lord bless you and your family in all things, my good friend in Christ!

        Steve 🙂

      • Awe… Thank you for the encouraging words. We serve an awesome God, my brother. He is worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise. For it is He who leads us both, gives us the words, and touches the hearts of those read our blogs. I pray that He will continue to bless your new blog and that He will use you in a mighty way! Many, many blessings to you, my brother in Christ!

      • Thank you Angel for such a kind reply! It is by God’s design that we both have the success we do with reaching out to others. I can’t say enough about your blog and the ministry it provides! May God continue to use you in this important cause…

        Love and blessings to you in the Lord, Angel!

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