DV Awareness Day#18: From Drama to Trauma (Trigger Warning)

Image result for domestic violence

From drama to trauma….
is how an abusive situation grows.
Starting slowly then escalating…
to levels only God knows.

Image result for domestic violence drama
For the levels of abuse cycle…
as more and more violence arise…
until it unfortunately culminates…
and even some poor victim dies.

Image result for cycle of abuse
Cause from the drama of abuse…
with verbal and emotional attacks…
go from honeymoon to explosion…
and then again cycle back.

Image result for child abuse to babies
And none are immune
with even babies being mistreated.
But too many don’t even know…
until damage is done that needs to be treated.

Image result for child abuse with broken bones
Cause the abuse increases…
from the deep hidden wounds inside…
where the heart and soul are affected…
to the outer wounds no one can hide.

Image result for child abuse with broken bones
Then bruises and pain…
and broken bones need treating
not counting the projectile injuries…
causing various levels of bleeding.

Image result for child abuse with broken bones
So lets stop the abuses…
and all the domestic drama!
For though it starts behind closed doors…
many will be exposed one day as trauma.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2016.

Dear Lord, only You see the multitude of abuse victims and the horrors that they endure. You see the babies that are abused that should be loved and nurtured. You see the children who are growing up in fear, surrounded by the drama and trauma of domestic violence. We pray for deliverance for all victims of abuse with total healing and restoration.  Break the cycle of abuse and rescue Your children. young and old, from the hands of evil that inflicts pain and suffering through domestic violence… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

20 thoughts on “DV Awareness Day#18: From Drama to Trauma (Trigger Warning)

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  2. Your posts are so traumatic. Even though I have had the black eyes and the broken bones, I try to think “I survived” (although not always.) I could have been one of these children who was beaten to death. I could have been one of these children who were so abused that they turned to drugs or alcohol or crime.
    I guess I should consider myself to be one of the lucky ones.

    • Hi Laurel. I hope they are not too traumatic. I wrote this as I was sitting in a trauma conference and the subject of abuse came up. As an EMT, you probably saw many cases of abuse… and they are not easy to deal with. We feel for the victims and our hearts break especially when the innocent children are involved. I am so sorry that you have been traumatized by these abuses. No one should have to endure this. You are a survivor and an overcomer… and every time you tell your story, you help another victim to realize that they can survive and overcome their past. God bless you!!

      • Thanks. I think what bothered me more than anything was the HIPPA laws. I was in the ER when a man died. His nurse was too busy chatting and flirting with us….and he was just “an old man.”
        He forgot about the man and he died. I just wanted to go slip a note to his family and say “ask questions” but I couldn’t because I was bound by ethics. Like the little boy, I couldn’t do anything. I could write what I saw and what I heard but I couldn’t keep that step-father from coming in the room. 😦

      • Yes, I understand your frustration. We just have to do the best that we can and report any wrong doing to the appropriate people. Being a “whistle-blower” is not always easy… but necessary.

  3. The pictures are very disturbing. I still can’t imagine hitting an adult, let alone a child! What evil enters the minds of those who do abuse?! This is very informative and grabs one’s attention…


  4. Reblogged this on Light Ministry Blog and commented:
    This is disturbing but needs to be exposed. This is an evil which takes place every day and we need to be praying about it to the Almighty. Only He can help encourage these victims…and hopefully they will turn to Him for help! Steve

    • Awe… Anna, thank you so much for your encouraging words. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. God rescued me when I did not even know that I needed rescuing… like many victims of abuse. And He has lead me down this path to help others. God wants so much more for us than abuse in any form or fashion. I would love to send you a copy of my book. I pray that it will help many others.

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