The Trauma of Abuse

As October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to a end, I want to share one of the last things that was discussed in a conference recently. Many victims can not remember all that happe…

Source: The Trauma of Abuse


9 thoughts on “The Trauma of Abuse

  1. My mama died in February, 08 and Losers’ daddy died six months to the day after she did. I asked him which he thought was worse….getting a phone call, like I did…or sitting by somebodys’ hospital bed, knowing they were going to die and watching it happen, like he did. He was outraged at my question although I don’t know why.
    Here’s my question about abuse. Which is worse? Suspecting it on some level and suffering because of it…or finding out and reliving it through something like hypnosis? Some of it you may know. Some of it you may suspect. Some of it you may not ever want to know.

    • Well, I can only tell you how I feel.Now, when it comes to people dying, it is much easier when we have time to deal with it than to be dealt a devastating blow. Now, regarding abuse, I truly believe that the things that we don’t remember from our past, with or without trauma, is a protection till we are able to handle it. And I would never want to submit to hypnosis to try to find out something. Remember, the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy and He is the father of lies. So why would we want to open our mind up through hypnosis that only allows the enemy to have more playground to put lies. God will reveal the truth to us in His timing… when we can handle it…. similar to a terminal person dying while the family has time to deal with the impending death.

      • I understand. I have prayed that God would reveal more to me but I know that He protects us. Visions, dreams, various thoughts, even flashes, may be glimpses into our past… but we have to let them go to move forward.

    • My heart just breaks for you and your daughters as I read over your blog. I remember that uncontrollable wailing of brokenness in my life… and I can’t even imagine the pain and horror that you must have felt. I will be praying for you and your girls.

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