Honoring An Amazing Woman of God–

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Today I want to honor an amazing woman of God who taught me so much about having a relationship with Jesus Christ and about His miraculous healing power. I had never heard of Delores Winder… but meeting her and hearing her story changed my life and the life of my children. We had already seen God move in our lives but had never seen someone who who had been healed instantaneously. Her healing has been called one of the greatest miracles of the 20th century. God used her to touch millions of lives through her story, to bring healing to the multitudes, and to bring Him the Glory which she did every day of her life from that miraculous moment forward. And today, I want to honor her, her life, and our awesome God who is still in the healing business today. He wants to bring healing to many more and He wants many more to walk in the miraculous like His faithful daughter, Delores. She was deeply loved and an inspiration to all who came in contact with her. May her memory and her miraculous testimony of healing continue to be used to transform lives around the world.


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