Grief and Loss–Suffering Deep Sorrow Over the Loss of a Loved One or Even a Dream

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Grief and Loss
Over the last few weeks, this has been a topic that keeps coming to my mind, and I want to share a few thoughts. Grief can be defined as suffering deep sorrow over the loss of a loved one or even a dream. Now most of us have suffered through some kind of grief… the death of someone we loved, the death of a marriage, the loss of a job, the death of a dream,  etc. Most perceive that the future that we were striving for is gone, loss forever with the death that we have experienced. And there are stages of grief that we go through to process it and overcome it or we can become trapped in a stage like anger or depression. Now, as we look around us today, we see many people in various stages of grief and for various reasons. We see anger and resentment, even rage. We see crying and oppression, even deep depression. We see the brokenness from within each being expressed with outward signs of brokenness. But I can speak from experience from suffering various “deaths” in my life with feelings of overwhelming brokenness… Jesus Christ is the Key to overcome all the losses, pain, and suffering that we have to endure in this life. He is the Rock that we can stand on to get our heads above the turmoil that surrounds us. He is the Anchor in the midst of our storm. He is the Wings that will help us soar above our present realities. He is our Key to overcome everything that this life throws at us. And it is only when we fully realize that this life is not really about us, it’s all about God and His plans and purposes, that we can truly let go of the “loss” of this world and hold onto His promises for our futures.

I pray that all who are suffering through some level of grief and loss in their lives will grab hold of the One who can help you soar above the brokenness of your past. That you will each realize that there is so much more to hope and dream for than this world that we can only see with our naked eyes. God has a plan and purpose for each life and nation that is second to none. He is not surprised by any feelings of loss or grief… He is just waiting patiently for us to humbly come to Him and submit to His Will. So grab hold of Him and realize that the next stage in your life has only just begun as you allow Him to lead you into your future.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2016.

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