Domestic Violence Burn Victim Speaks Out—Trigger Warning

Woman set on fire: Attacker's punishment doesn't fit crime

As I have read today about this case of domestic violence, my heart truly goes out to this brave burn victim who has a message for all women from her hospital bed. She wants all to know that verbal abuse leads to physical abuse and if in an abusive relationship, to get out. What this woman has gone through has just been horrific and I pray that “Judy’s Law” will pass to help all victims of this sort of domestic violence. I have attached a “Trigger Warning” to this posting with the links to videos of this brave woman speaking out (with assistance due to injuries sustained from the attack) about domestic violence. Please pray for her and her family and for all other victims of abuse. This should never happen!! If you are in an abusive relationship, please get help and get out!! All it takes is one split second for an abuser to go from a verbal to a physical attack!

Woman lit on fire speaks out after ex-boyfriend sentenced

Gahanna man pleads ‘no contest’ to setting girlfriend on fire

21 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Burn Victim Speaks Out—Trigger Warning

      • It is amazing the depths some people sink to in order to hurt other people…in a physical way, (emotional too)!

        I read earlier in another blog “broken people do broken things.” That is so sad but so true…

      • Yes it is very true that hurting people hurt people but it is just horrific that some people stoop so low to permanently disfigure another like this. My heart just totally breaks for her and her family!

      • From events like these, we can just imagine the kind of evil that exists in Satan’s heart! I would never want to know that kind of vile wickedness…

      • Hi Angel! I hope Christmas was good and warm and joyful for you and your family/friends. I wish you a very good 2017, Lord willing!


      • I heard of someone else who was in “hot and humid” weather during Christmas…she must have been down your way! Thanks for the well wishes and the same to you, Angel…


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    • Thanks for reposting this! It totally breaks my heart for her. No one should go through a horrific attack like this. I pray that more women will speak out and be rescued before something like this happens again. God bless you for all that you are doing to spread awareness.

  2. This is incredibly sad and for her to speak out in spite of her situation in order to reach out to others is truly amazing. I hate that DV gets to this point and that is the reason many of us must keep pushing to get awareness out there and save lives … Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for commenting! I totally agree with you. This is so sad and should never happen to anyone. She is an amazing woman that she will reach out to help victims when she is so terribly ill. It’s the least that we can do too. My heart just breaks for her and her family!

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