A Reminder: Another Abuse– Infidelity and Adultery

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This is for the many who think that adultery or infidelity is no big issue in today’s society and for the many who have been broken by it. Adultery is an abuse.

Infidelity and adultery…
is destructive and painful.
And as a victim of it…
it’s effects are really disdainful.
And as I cried out to God one day…
for an answer from Him to give…
Because I needed to do my part…
as I tried to totally forgive.
And the answer that I received follows…
Infidelity and adultery is an abuse.
Though you were honest and sincere…
you are a victim of a misuse.
Infidelity and adultery…
is an abuse of a trust.
While a spouse is home waiting…
the other partakes in sinful lust.
Know that only God can get us through it…
for its wounds are very deep.
But to those who partake in this lust…
remember what you sow, you will reap.
For all of His promises…
are biblical and true.
But He is a God of redemption…
so He can heal and restore you.
So hold onto God…
through all your brokenness and pain.
for He promises hope for your future…
and your life will never be the same.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

Source: Another Abuse: Infidelity and Adultery

9 thoughts on “A Reminder: Another Abuse– Infidelity and Adultery

    • You are much welcome. I hoped you would like it. I had to reach out to God in my brokenness to seek answers. We can never understand why things happen… but God knows.

  1. Yes, first and foremost it is psychological abuse , as the deceptions, mind games and blaming to divert the attention away from the secrets the betrayer is keeping affect the self worth of the betrayed.
    You are right. It is abuse and therefore those who are betrayed are traumatised and respond no different than others who have experienced abuse.
    Thank you. I knew it but I think despite all, I blamed myself. Someway somehow I still feel deep inside that I should or could have prevented it.
    I could not. It was his choice. Not mine.
    Thank you!

    • Yes, it was his choice. You are not responsible! Please never even think like that again. We all have a choice. And we all have to answer for our every thought, word, and action. We are not to blame for the decisions of others. Adultery is destructive in so many ways, including to the perpetrator… and it’s victims are severely traumatized. But God sees these wounds and only He can heal them… and any marital relationship that has been destroyed by infidelity. But again, we all have a choice. I pray for healing and restoration to you. Hold onto Him… and God will give you the answers and the Peace that you need with healing and restoration.

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