A Message to the Wounded: Wounded Hearts and Their Fortress

This is a message to the many who have been wounded by various abuses of man. We build up a wall to protect us and help us overcome our brokenness. But there comes a time that the wall has to come down to begin a new chapter in your life. As this New Year begins, let us all evaluate our own hearts to see if these walls still stand and block us inside.

 Many are so wounded…
a fortress they have built.
Not of bricks and mortar…
but of pain, anger, or guilt.
Like a wall of stone…
completely surrounding a heart…
The wall must come down…
before true love can start.
Many of us who were wounded
have built a wall to survive…
But the time will come…
when it must come down to thrive.
For not only does the wall
protect things from getting in…
The wall also stops our hearts
from letting go for love to begin.
So how can a relationship develop
when blocked by pain and mistrust?
We have to free our hearts…
so tearing down the wall is a must.
Now this advice is for all…
who were hurt by others in our past.
We must take down our man-made walls…
  to allow relationships that will last.
  And trust God to be our Mighty Fortress…
for He has a plan for our life.
He will never leave us or deceive us…
so trust Him for your future and husband or wife.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013



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