Human/ Sex Trafficking Awareness– As The Super Bowl Nears

As the Super Bowl nears, I want to remind everyone that sex trafficking increases in the areas where these big events are occurring.  Please be aware of these horrific acts and realize that some of these women that you may see are victims… not willing participants.   Please join me in prayer that many of these victims will be able to be rescued in the upcoming weeks.

Human/ Sex Trafficking Awareness!
This is a huge problem today.
It’s a modern-day  slavery…
capturing more victims every day.
More education is needed…
to be aware of warning signs.
Cause the problem is increasing…
with more people meeting on-line.
For these victims are being trapped…
they’re drugged, raped, & abused.
They become captive of sex rings
then exploited and sexually used.
And these “ring leaders”…
know exactly who they can trap.
They look for runaways kids
or even people they can kidnap.
They prey on the innocent…
especially with broken hearts.
Then trick them into bondage…
declaring a wonderful new life start.
And these victims are drugged
and beaten into submission…
then sold for sex daily,
subjected to disease transmission.
And many are only children…
who are taken from their family.
They are forced into sex acts…
and filmed for pornography.
So whoever thinks porn,
is an innocent little trade…
just think that many are victims,
forced when these pictures are made.
So everyone, including children…
beware of who you meet online.
Because many are deceitful…
and you never know what you will find.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

For more information, please check out these sites:

Source: Human/ Sex Trafficking Awareness!

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