BATTLES and “The Battle Within” by Gary Bertnick

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So many of us have been abused by others with negative thoughts implanted within. But we need to realize that there is a battle of good and evil within our minds that rages as we struggle. We need to hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ… for it is only with Christ that we win the battle.

“THE  BATTLE  WITHIN” by Gary Bertnick

Conflicts within, conflicts without,
But the Spirit of the Lord moves gently
As human nature struggles, shouts and resists
Troubles seem to flood each day,
Each defiant person’s steps along the way
Yet, Holiness towers high above
And humbly reaches far below
In an eternal wait
A most powerful vigil
With active diligence beyond our understanding,
While rebellious man
And stubborn woman
Dig in their heels,
Stuck in an Earthly moment
Frozen into a selfish, worldly circumstance.
The needed change for goodness
Such a hard walk through the desert world
Weeds always seeded about the gardens,
Difficulties mixed with ever present problems.
The mind its own decisive battlefield
Twisting in the wind
Thoughts blown about as clouds that swirl,
War of the mind goes on as the enemy easily infiltrates
Manipulates and lusts for control,
Human nature sadly in its dark recesses
Weakness of free will
Knowingly and unknowingly
Invites more and more of the same;
Bad becomes worse
Evil at times even celebrated.
But the Sovereign Creator, Lord of Truth
Hears sincere prayers
As blended incense before His Throne
Tearful cries of His children
Followers, Christians who care for and love even those who hate them.
Heaven’s authority and power reaches out in lovingkindess
Touches one, then another
Two or three gathered in strength together,
Creative mercy enlightens one mind
And then many others;
When the Sword of the Holy Spirit Bible writings flashes
Light overpowers dark thoughts and impressions,
Whispers of demons,
Sharp Word thrusts bring all into submission to Divine Truth;
With peaceful wisdom from above
Evil and the “evil one” is crushed and flees,
Yes, again and again
Throughout an Earthly lifetime.


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