Family Trees and Iniquities

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Family trees…
with many generations of families.
Like branches and leaves that grow…
with deep seeded roots few know.
For what is hidden down deep…
is the iniquities that sins reap.
For the sins of those born before…
get passed down more and more.
Till they are broken with repent…
covered by Blood of our Savior sent.
For these iniquities get passed down…
and that’s why cycles of sin are found.
For alcoholism, infidelity, and others…
become acceptable from our fathers and mothers.
So let’s repent for our family tree…
and pray for deliverance from all iniquity.
For it’s only with true repentant hearts…
that we can move forward with a new start.
Breaking the bondage of our families past…
to walk into God’s blessings so vast.
For His original plan for Adam and Eve…
is available to those who truly believe.
So Lord, please break all our family’s sin…
with the bondage it brings to end.
That we can walk into the fullness of Your plan…
even though we may not fully understand.
For our legacy is truly with You…
and only You can make our lives anew.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2017.


6 thoughts on “Family Trees and Iniquities

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  2. I believe this is what is meant in the Bible by the sins of the fathers being visited on their children to the third and fourth generation (Ex. 20: 5-6, Deut. 5: 9-10). Elsewhere in the Bible (Jer. 31: 29, Ezek. 18: 2, Deut. 24: 16, Job 21: 19), God expressly indicates that punishment is dependent on our own actions. We are not bound by these shackles from the past.

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