The Story of Jane Roe

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This story just touched my heart today and I wanted to share with all of you.

The story of Jane Roe…
was one that I did not know.
But I heard about it today…
as I learned she died the other day.
For she was the “Roe”…
in the historic “Roe v. Wade”.
But she had changed from pro-choice…
and joined the “Pro-Life” crusade.
For she saw the brokenness…
in so many young women’s eyes…
but only saw it increase…
as the life inside them dies.
And as she passed a playground one day…
and there were no children to be seen…
she had a sudden revelation…
of what “Roe v. Wade” did mean.
The death of so many babies…
with millions of lives taken…
and it hit her at that moment…
with how much she’d been mistaken.
So I pray for all the broken…
who feel they have no choice…
and that even in Jane Roe’s death…
her story will become her voice.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2017.

Dear Lord,  we pray for all the broken who feel that they have no choice but to end the life implanted within them.  We ask You to touch their hearts with healing to all the broken places within their hearts and souls. Bring them Peace that surpasses all understanding to choose Life and walk this path with You by their side. And we pray for all those who have chosen this path of brokenness. That lives will be touched by You and hearts will turn to You with healing and restoration for all the wounds of their pasts.  We pray that the story of “Jane Roe” dedicating her life to change this law bearing her name will be like a seed planted that sprouts around the country as You water the seeds of Life and bring transformation to our land… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


17 thoughts on “The Story of Jane Roe

  1. I’ve always thought the freedom to choose made the immediate convenience the “easy” choice at the time, but that the girl/woman in the future will likely regret or be haunted. If they are not that seems to also be an issue. These days too, contraceptives are readily available here in the US even for underprivledged. Rape is used is the shining example of why we need legalized abortion, but it should be an extreme exception if at all.

    • Thanks Bonsai. I agree with you about the regret. Too many people do not realize the brokenness within them that leads them to make certain decisions that lead down to deeper paths of brokenness. As I read about Jane Roe and how her life was transformed by the Grace of God, I pray that more people will find God and avoid this path of brokenness. God loves us all… we all just need to realize that. Thanks for commenting… and God bless you.

  2. Hi Secretangel,

    I read her story and my heart broke for her. I feel that she was manipulated on all sides.
    I am pro-choice but not anti-pro-life, I am all for life, but feel that a termination is a personal choice and cannot be done without counselling first. Those issues are complicated. Either way there is always heartache involved: Always!
    When reading Norma’s story I feel that she was used on both sides. I might be wrong as I did not know her and was not there.
    Thanks for posting about her. She cannot be forgotten. She had a hard life and did not get the love she so much needed as a kid. She was a victim of abuse in more ways than we can imagine.

    • Hi Elisabeth!
      My heart broke for her too. I felt that she was a pawn, especially for the Pro-choice because she never even had an abortion. Her brokenness began as an abused child and just escalated… till she found God. He is the Key to overcome all things. I was just amazed by her story. She not only became “Pro-Life” but started a ministry to help other broken women and spent the last portion of her life fighting the law with her name. It’s truly an amazing testimony of God’s transforming Love. And I agree with you. She cannot be forgotten. I do pray that even in death, her “testimony” of going from pro-choice to pro-Life will become her “voice.” God bless you!

  3. Many emotions here, Angel! I feel sorry for Ms. Roe’s choices…except the one to turn to a pro=life position. All of the lives lost, babies killed, is so sad. I will be re-posting this one if you don’t mind…


    • Hi Steve! I had never heard her story till the other day and my heart just broke for her. So much brokenness… till God touched her heart and transformed her life. We all have to answer for what we do. I just pray that more lives turn to Him before this level of brokenness including abortion negatively impacts their lives. Thanks for sharing. God bless you!

      • I’ve had quite a few people view your article…you probably have too. Yes, we will all answer for what we have done in this life. I hope then that with His eternal grace, God will forgive my sins…I am trusting Him for that! I’m not sure if Ms. Roe had obeyed the gospel, but I hope she did!
        Have a wonderful day, Angel and thanks for letting me share that…it was a great article!!


      • Thanks Steve. I actually had to chance to speak to someone who had met her during Pro-Life rallies. I was told that she gave her heart to the Lord, was baptized, and repented… just like we all need to do. Thanks again for the reblog again. Your support is greatly appreciated.

      • Oh that is great news! She will live in heaven for eternity as one who transformed her life…

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  5. I’d heard her story. It had to weigh heavily on her that she was used for this law. She didn’t have an easy life but she did what she could to make a difference for life when she was older.

    • Yes, it was a heart breaking story… I can’t even imagine the burden that she carried… but I praise God that she turned her heart to Him and used the last part of her life to fight against abortion.

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