Remembering “Broken Girl”… We Don’t Need to Stay Broken

Broken Girl by Mathew West…

When I heard this song, I knew that many who have been abused and broken need to realize this.

We do not have to stay broken.

God’s Love never fails…

He makes all things new.

It was in my brokenness that I turned to God…and He was there to pick up the pieces. He will pick up the pieces of each of our lives and remake us into someone newer and stronger with a faith that overcomes all obstacles. He will  change us from a broken vessel to a new “pitcher” that He can use to pour out His Spirit and His blessings onto others.

But God is a Gentleman. He is not an abuser! God will never force Himself onto any person. We have to willingly invite Him into our hearts and ask Him to change us… and He is just waiting for that invitation.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013.

Broken Girl….

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