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During the last several days, I remembered this posting  from several years ago as I prayed for my children and future grandchildren. I pray that they all will be delivered and protected from the unacceptable behaviors that we have all been victim to in our past and that these 3 A’s of brokenness will never again affect their own future and future families. I pray that we will hold steadfast in righteousness and live by God’s standards and not the standards set by man. And I repent for the sins of iniquity in our bloodlines and pray for God’s deliverance,  protection, and provision upon all of our lives. I pray that every man, woman, and child will turn to God and that all will come to know that God’s standards are not dependent on man or society’s wavering. I pray that the brokenness of all of our past will no longer negatively impact our futures and that all will walk forth into the glorious future that God has planned for each life… in Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.


The 3 A’s of Brokenness— ABUSE, ABANDONMENT, AND ADULTERY… This is the word that I got today that I will share. May the Lord open hearts to receive His message….

The world today is so accepting of so many wrongs in this life. As we watch movies filled with violence and sexual improprieties, we unknowingly allow these things to become acceptable and lower the standards which have previously been set. Now, as I got the word improprieties as I was writing this, I was led to look up the definition….

 Impropriety:  (noun)  A failure to observe standards or show due honesty or modesty; improper language, behavior, or character.  (Synonym) Indecency.

Well, as you can see, impropriety is not a word that I usually use and I always want to make sure that what I am hearing is not just me… so, no!!  God is leading me to give you this message!

Beware of the things that you allow into your life! Watch the gates to your soul! Your eyes and your ears are gates unto which the wrongs of this world get introduced into your soul where you begin to accept it as normal and as totally acceptable. Many years ago, television and radio was not allowed to utter any fowl language, any curse words, any sexual explicit images whether visually or verbally. Times have changed where the world is allowing more and more to be acceptable with violence on video games for small children and violence on television and movies for our “enjoyment” and “entertainment.” Many watch these “reality” shows and movies with sexuality and immoral behaviors glamorized. Even the violence of rape has been glamorized and immortalized (again.. looked up and means bringing fame upon). This has caused many victims to hide in secret the violence that occurs to them to avoid the repeat  victimization that occurs now in society.

The 3 A’s of brokenness are not acceptable…abuse, adultery, and abandonment!! God set the standards for our behavior many years ago. Let us all reach for that standard again. It starts by watching what we view as acceptable and rising to the standard that God would consider acceptable…


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