NUMBERS… A Message to Victims

NUMBERS… A message to victims:
I want to share a story in “Numbers”…
  12 men were sent to spy the land…
and report back any encumbers.

But only Joshua and Caleb,
did not fear the giants of the land.
For they knew that they would win,
with the Power of God’s Mighty Hand.

But the Israelites complained
claiming they would be victims in fear…
for they could only see the giants,
yelling, “how could God lead us here”.

They fussed and complained
wanting to return to Egypt in fear.
Now this is my message
and I pray you’ll have ears to hear.

The Israelities refused to move forward,
with a victim mentality of defeat.
The promised land would not be entered,
for years that mentality would repeat.

So let go of the victim mentality,
making you feel defeated today…
and step into your promised future…
and let God show you the way.

Trust Him and seek Him…
for all that you do.
For just like Joshua and Caleb…
He will fight the giants for you too.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.


Source: NUMBERS… A Message to Victims

11 thoughts on “NUMBERS… A Message to Victims

  1. The Giants that were faced in this reading were as tall as 35 feet tall.  We now have the skeletons of these beings in the SMithsonian and you can google to see the evidence.Having this vision will cause one to ponder on the faith that Caleb and Joshua had to overcome these large giants, products of the fallen angels who mated with children who were sons of Noah.Interesting study.  

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