Difficult Times

Facing my own difficult times has helped me to understand how infinitely rich and amazing my life is. It’s also taught me that no matter what painful, or difficult times I’ve experienced, there are others who may be facing the same and showing them compassion can help as they face their own difficulties! 

Source: Difficult Times

17 thoughts on “Difficult Times

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    So true. I too have faced many difficulties. My difficulties have caused me to become much more compassionate and empathetic towards the needs of others. You never know what someone is going through. Be kind always.

  3. This goes along nicely with some of my thoughts and posts for the day. I hope you are gracious enough, (as you always are), to aloow me to reblog it! Thanks in advance…


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    Be considerate of others and their situations, regardless of whether or not they share about it with you, or show the same kindness and thoughtfulness in return! Steve

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