ChristianBlessings is seven

Blessings to Christian Blessings!!


We have two choices on this seventh anniversary.

Are we singing His praises
Spreading the good news wherever man is found?

Or shall we take a rest?

He comes soon
We must do His works
Let it be so
To the s of the world
Wherever man is found.

Indeed we have a story to tell to the nations
That shall turn their hearts to the right

So help us Lord Jesus
By  Your  loving kindness, grace and mercy
We will  make the gospel personal !


May The Lord multiply the creativity of all our Contributors.

If you have been blessed,

share ChristianBlessings with others in need of the Lord


Evelyn Goh

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2 thoughts on “ChristianBlessings is seven

    • Yes, seven means rest (like Seventh day of rest)… and it means complete too. May we all find rest in God’s presence. God bless you, my friend!! I tried to comment on some of your postings but it does not seem to have the comments open. Keep shining God’s Light upon the darkness!!

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