After Years of Being Alone, How Do You Finally Move On

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After years of being alone…
how do you finally move on?
For children become our focus…
as raising them correct is a must.
But children will one day be grown…
and they will then be on their own.
So they won’t need you like before…
to cook, clean, and always do more.
And they’ll always have a place in your heart…
but there comes a time for a fresh new start.
To open your heart for another…
with your children blessings like “it’s OK Mother.”
So Lord, bring healing to all who are alone…
to overcome all the hurts they have known.
And bring the one for them You have planned…
for in righteousness so many still stand.
Waiting on You for the love they desire…
for they have put You first with hearts afire.
To raise their children in a Godly way…
so a new generation chooses righteousness today.
So Lord, please bless those who are alone…
after putting others’ desires before their own.
And let them know these blessings will come…
for they have stood in righteousness and overcome.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2017.

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