Source of Inspiration

Lost job, broken marriage
repossed house, death of a loved one,
life’s calamidies can shake
us to the core.

A forest fire sweeps across,
burning all in its path,
leaving blackened stubs
pointing accusing fingers to the sky,
charred corpses, and ashes.

Then comes a gentle rain,
Mother Earth’s tears
to wash away our pain.
A tiny blade of grass pushes
up through the debris,
then another, and a flower
born where we thought
no life could exist.
With time, the floresta is renewed.

And so it is with our lives;
so often a seeming disaster
can sow seeds of change
in our lives creating opportunity
that we may have resisted, or
had been afraid to seize.

Stand firm with faith and courage
knowing that life is a spiral
of opportunity to grow,
each turn opening us to who
we are and who we
are destined to become.

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