Inspirational Song For Today: A Mother’s Prayer

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There are so many mothers praying for their children out there… no matter how old they may be. Let us join together in prayer for all our children, all families, all marriages, and all souls… that we will come to know the Love of our Father and walk in to the fullness that He has planned for us.

Dear Lord, You know multitude of Your children who cry out to You for their own children. Now Lord, we know that You love our children even more that we do. You know the number of hair on every head. You know their thoughts and the desires hidden in each heart. We come together now and pray for healing and restoration for all Your/ our children. We pray for hardened hearts to soft and broken hearts to mend. We ask You to bring them all Peace that surpasses all understanding as You give them direction for their lives and strengthen them to walk into the future that You have planned for them. We declare that no assignment of the enemy will prosper of all of Your children, their families, their marriages and the future that You have called each of us to… in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

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