Some Abuses We Endure

Image result for domestic violence

Some abuses we endure…
we have even come to ignore.
But what if we deem acceptable…
what God considered unacceptable.
For every man should love his wife…
to the point of giving up his life.
And women should treat their spouse…
like a man and not belittle like a mouse.
And God wants us to treat all…
the way He planned before the fall.
That Love and kindness would abound…
and no abuses would be found.
And all would live in Peace and Joy…
without abuse or manipulative ploy.
For God gives us children to raise…
with love and not abusive haze.
So the cycle of abuse has to cease…
for God has abundant blessings to release.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2019.

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