Watered Down Christianity

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Watered down Christianity…
have turned many people away…
by self-righteousness displayed…
or judgmental comments they say.
And while many claim to be Christian…
when on a church pew they may sit…
they partake in unChristian behaviors…
like their love for God is counterfeit.
For if we truly love God…
then pleasing Him should be our desire… Continue reading

Miraculous Mondays: #3 Cerebral Palsy Healing

Pray for healing… Pray for the miraculous!!  Miracles do happen!!

I started this set of posting about the miraculous to reveal some miracles that do happen. Too many do not believe in miracles but they do exist. For October, I will try to post some miraculous rescues or divine interventions in the lives of abuse victims… For today, watch a little girl be healed. Thank you Lord for answered prayers!

Video by http://www.christianprayercenter.com/

HE LIFTS US UP: DP Poem: Be Still

Stand still and know that I am God… has been His instructions to all of us.


Daily Prompt: Stand still/ stillness

When we call on God’s name…
with attacks against our will.
The Lord will fight for you…
you need only “BE STILL”.

When we are broken,
filled with guilt and shame…
“Be still and know that I am God”
is what He will proclaim.

“Peace! Be still!”
has been exclaimed!
When many have cried,
and called out His name.

Nothing is impossible,
for The Prince of Peace!
When we call out His name,
all turmoil must cease.

Lord, I pray for peace and that all turmoil must “be still”. Lord, I pray for a mighty move of Your Spirit across this whole land where hearts will turn to you and your mighty Hand. Peace! Be Still!! is what I proclaim as I call out to you in Jesus’ Name… Amen

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

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