Deception… With Lies in the Midst of Some Truth

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This is s message for this day and time. Do not be deceived by those who abuse, lie, and manipulate.

is the corrupt attempt to deceive…
with lies in the midst of some truth…
to entice others to believe.
Now if one can shift blame…
to make something another’s fault… Continue reading

A Song of Deception: A Stranger in My House

These words about deception ring in my spirit today. As these days progress, more and more deception is coming our way. “Be not deceived” was a warning from God. The only way to not be deceived, is the Spirit of Truth within you…so reach for the Lord for He sent His Holy Spirit to be our Guide… I pray that hearts will be opened to receive His warning….

When we were young, so innocent and pure,
I thought our love would forever endure.
I totally trusted and in him believed.
Never expecting to be totally deceived. Continue reading

Has He changed??… His “FRUIT” reveals the truth! (Gal.5:22-23)

Recently, someone that I care about has been a victim of domestic violence….again! The same statement has been repeated again and again, “He has changed! It won’t happen again.” Unfortunately, many times, it does. The violence repeats itself as victims want to believe these words. I had said this and fallen into this trap myself… until the truth was revealed to me. So, how do you know if someone has really changed? Continue reading