Workplace Abuse Is Never OK

Workplace abuse
is never OK…
and no one has a right
to treat workers this way.
Especially with injuries
that lead to workers demise…
like the nurse in Baton Rouge…
a death most don’t realize.
For she was attacked at work…
by a patient in her care… Continue reading

Catastrophic Flooding– Again

Nursing home residents in Dickinson, Texas, wait for first responders in a flooded room.

Catastrophic flooding in the Houston area with Hurricane Harvey brings back many memories of the catastrophic flooding in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina that occurred 12 years ago. It is heartbreaking to see the suffering that is occurring right now. And tears just flowed when I saw this picture of these nursing home residents patiently waiting for a rescue in rising water in Dickinson, Texas. It reminded me of the 30+ residents of St. Rita’s Nursing Home near New Orleans that drowned Continue reading

The Saluting Marine– May We All Honor Those Who Have Fought For Us


Image result for the saluting marine

Well, this video brought tears to my eyes. May this be an inspiration to all of us to somehow honor all those who have have fought for us. For many have been called to battle to fight for this country. And many have lost their lives over the years in the fight for our freedom. And many more continue to fight for our protection with the turmoil of today.  So may we honor all of them from the past, the present, and the future who have and will continue to serve our country. Continue reading