Honoring Our Fallen Heroes– “Taps”

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Today, let us honor all of our fallen heroes as we listen to this song.  “Taps” has been played as a tribute to their memory for many generations. Let us remember all of our heroes and pray for all of them and their survivors today. Continue reading

DV Awareness Day#31: From Abused to Overcomer– You’re An Army Dressed For Battle

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This message is for all men and women… for we have all endured the ploys of the enemy to break us. But God is calling out to each of You to join Him…

Image result for God's army of angels for we fight not against flesh and blood

Image result for God's army of angels for we fight not against flesh and blood


Victims of abuse…
all tattered and worn…
you have been destined to overcome…
since the day you were born.
God has not been surprised…
by the abuses you have endured…
but like His Son before us…
our place in His heart has been procured. Continue reading

Prophetic Word to The Army of God

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I want to share with you a prophetic word which was a remake of General Eisenhower’s D-Day Speech to The Army Of God which was given to Mr. Mark Taylor as a call to arms for God’s people. I pray that the Body of Christ and all of God’s Army will rise up to the calling that He has upon each life, realize that this battle is real, and begin to take spiritual authority over their homes, communities, and even our country in Jesus’ Name!

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This is for the many who have been victimized by abuses in their lives. God is calling us to speak out for it is only as we bring attention to the abuses that are occurring that we can help others who are going through similar situations. God delivers, heals, and restores! Declare His Name and break the chains of bondage that have held victims silent over the years. We have to end the silence to stop the violence.

Take abuse no more!!
For God is calling us now…
to rise up like never before. Continue reading