Inspirational Song For Today: Faith, Hope, Love, Repeat

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I wanted to share this song that I just heard tonight in a concert with Brandon Heath– “Faith, Hope, Love, Repeat”. He wrote this song for his newborn daughter and it’s words touched my heart as he talks about this “crazy world”… but reminds us that God gave us a promise and will provide all that we need. Continue reading


When Love is The Way!

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Now I did not watch the official royal wedding this weekend but have heard about several ways that God showed Himself in the midst of all the pageantry that was displayed for the world to see.  And one way was with this powerful, spirit filled message that was spoken at the wedding. I pray that it touches the hearts of all who listen to it. Let us all remember that “Love is the way!”

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Continue reading

Songs For Mother’s Day

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As Mother’s Day comes around, I always remember this song that my son played for me at his wedding… and then I think of my own mom. So many times I have wanted to talk to her over the years, but she is no longer here with me. However, I know that she is still listening and knows how much I love her.  Let us all honor our mothers this day and every day. Mothers are truly a blessing from the Lord. Continue reading