HE LIFTS US UP: DP Poem: Be Still

Stand still and know that I am God… has been His instructions to all of us.


Daily Prompt: Stand still/ stillness

When we call on God’s name…
with attacks against our will.
The Lord will fight for you…
you need only “BE STILL”.

When we are broken,
filled with guilt and shame…
“Be still and know that I am God”
is what He will proclaim.

“Peace! Be still!”
has been exclaimed!
When many have cried,
and called out His name.

Nothing is impossible,
for The Prince of Peace!
When we call out His name,
all turmoil must cease.

Lord, I pray for peace and that all turmoil must “be still”. Lord, I pray for a mighty move of Your Spirit across this whole land where hearts will turn to you and your mighty Hand. Peace! Be Still!! is what I proclaim as I call out to you in Jesus’ Name… Amen

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

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Poem: Tour of Violence (2 Chronicles 7:14)

In memory of 9/11, we’ll take a little a tour.
A visual depiction of violence going from shore to shore.
First goes the USA,
with reminders of that day.

Then across our land,
with violence at hands of man.

Then to Ethiopia and Rwanda we travel,
where bride kidnapping and rape unravels.

Next we travel to Bangladesh and Brazil,
where it is acceptable to “honor kill.”

Then we go to Pakistan,
with bride burning across their land. Continue reading

Poem: Rest…

Is the word I hear.
Just rest, My dear.
My precious love.
I’ll strengthen from above.
And wait on Me.
Just wait and see!

Prayer: Lord… Help us to learn the importance of resting in Your presence where You will strengthen us to continue on the journey that You have planned for us. Strengthen us and restore us to follow You…in Jesus’ name. Amen

Poem: The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

As a major hurricane goes round and round,

so do the storms of life with problems abound.

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse,  sexual abuse, and more…

All of these abuses we’ve come to deplore.

Let’s not forget physical abuse, child abuse and exploitation…

or bullying, workplace abuse and its hidden retaliation!

All of these abuses in life  are so unfair.

But God sees all and He is totally aware. Continue reading

I’m Afraid for You

This is an awesome message for victims of abuse… Seek help. Plan ahead. Important phone numbers included…

Prayers and Promises


©2013 Diana Rasmussen

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She lived in the trailer right across the street
not much of a neighbor she kept to herself
When the sun went down the fights would start
noises travel in a trailer park
I went over one day with cookies in hand
saw the fear in her eyes said

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

That night he came home
smelled something amiss
he started screaming and yelling
I heard punching fists

Afraid for my friend
I called 911
it was time for
this to be done

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

She stood…

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