Inspirational Song For Today: Testify

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God is calling us all to the mountain! He is wanting us all to come and occupy the place that He has ordained for each of us for His Kingdom purposes. Continue reading


Come Up Here!

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As we spend time with the Lord today, let us answer His call from Revelation 4:1 when He says, “Come up here”.  This song by Jason Upton is an anointed song of worship for the Lord. Let us all get in His presence today and get a glimpse of what He has planned for us. God bless you all!! Continue reading


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As we call upon the Lord in our times of need or even brokenness, let us remember that He is ALL things and has all these different Names for His different characteristics. Whether it’s healing or provision that you need, you can call upon His Name!!

Elohim (Creator God)

Jehovah Shammah (The Lord Is There)

Adonai (Lord, Master) Continue reading

Standing on God’s Word

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This is for the many who are struggling and need God to intervene in their lives.

Standing on God’s Word…
is what we all need to do…
for when all seems hopeless…
He will do the impossible for you.
For when we speak His Word…
as we declare and decree…
it’s like a sword in battle…
fighting for us spiritually.
For “The Sword of the Spirit”… Continue reading