Domestic Violence Day 15: Introduction to Sexual Abuse–No Means No

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As we continue with our postings for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I want to re-emphasize as we begin to talk about sexual abuse that we all have a right to say NO! No means no… not maybe! And no child should ever be violated!!!

Source: Domestic Violence Day 15: Introduction to Sexual Abuse

Domestic Violence Day 29: Victim Blaming

Victim-blaming  attitudes place the blame on the victim of a crime. Examples of victim-blaming in abusive relationships or rapes are: “She must have caused him to be abusive” or “she must have made him mad” or “she should not have worn that dress” or “she asked for it by getting drunk.” Victim-blaming attitudes criticize the victim and make it more difficult for them to come forward and report the crime. Continue reading