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10 thoughts on “Copyright / Disclaimer

  1. Hi,
    I’m a health visitor student doing a presentation on DV for students and lecturers only. I would like permission to use the image below :
    The one of the black & white ‘eye reflecting violence’ as I think it is an effective message on the effect on children. If this is not your image could you point me inn the direction to find it as so far can only find this site

    Many thanks

    • Hi Amy,
      All of the pictures that I use are available on the internet for usage. You can look up on Google Images for domestic violence or child abuse and see that many are available to chose from. Good luck. Many blessings to you!

    • Hi Katie… WordPress gives us several different copyright options to chose from then you just copy and include your own name. I think I found it under “help and support”.

  2. Hi, I am the VP of Zonta Club of Fort Worth. Our mission is to advance the status of women both locally and worldwide. We are having a fundraiser for Traffick911 in February. Traffick911 is an organization dedicated to end sex trafficking of our children. I have seen a couple of photos we might like to use for our “Save the Date” invitations. Are they copyrighted, or may we have permission to use them?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Gail!! Nice to meet you. I am so glad to hear about your club. I have never heard about it but will look it up. Most of the pictures that I get are free on the internet. I am not sure which picture you would want to use. The picture on the cover of my book is mine from a photo shoot. The pictures on The Weapon of Choice is from a photo shoot through that project which I had to get permission to use. All others were googled from internet. Please just let me know which one and send me a link so I can follow. I would love to know more about what your organization does. You can email me or send me your email. God bless you!

  3. I would like permission to you an image that traces back to your website when found on Google as background for a meme that talks about allowing God to turn our ashes into something beautiful. I like the image of the ashed log with the pink gerber daisy setting on top. May I?

    • Sure. I get all of the pictures that I use from Google Images so I do not have the copyright to them. They came from public domain. And you are so right!! God turns our ashes into something beautiful. God bless you

  4. Hi… I reblogged one of your posts today without getting permission. I apologize for not getting permission first, and so, I’d like to ask if you want me to take it down. I’m pretty sure that you have gotten the credit for the “When Evil Surrounds You” post but so much has changed here at WordPress since I was last blogging here. … thanks.

    Link to post:

    • Thanks for the reblog. I appreciate it. Please feel free to “reblog” any posting that you like. I hope they give you hope and inspiration. There have been some who have copied and pasted my postings without appropriate copyright, even removing “Secret Angel” from it so a reblog through WordPress is fine. Thanks again and God bless you!

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