Happy Father’s Day 2018

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Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s out there. Remember that you set the example for your children every day. May they always be blessed to call you “Dad”. Continue reading


Inspirational Song For Today: Something in the Water

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Just wanted to share this song today. It’s lyrics just touched my heart. Yes, I have been there before where down every hallway’s a slamming door. And have cried out, “God, if you’re there come and rescue me.” I have seen God move and He is still rescuing, healing, and restoring His children. Continue reading

Forgiveness… Is the Hardest Thing to Give Away

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As I listen to Matthew West’s song, Forgiveness, I have to agree that it is the hardest thing to give away.  In fact, sometimes we think that we have given it all away and forgiven those who hurt us, then a trigger happens and causes long-hidden feelings of hurt and pain to erupt. And we suddenly realize that we still have areas of wounds in our hearts that need healing.  Let us just pray for all victims of abuses, that they will all be healed and restored in Jesus’ Name. Continue reading

Are You A Stuffer– Stuffing All Your Feelings Down?

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I want to share this poem after a day of emotional turmoil and realizing that we can’t continue to hide our feelings and stuff them all down. There will come a day when they will be released… and then healing and restoration can occur in new levels.

Are you a stuffer?
Stuffing all your feeling down…
and sometimes so deeply buried…
you think they will never be found.
Then something happens to you…
and these feelings just flow…
with tears of brokenness and heartache…
and even anger you didn’t know.
For all the wounds of your past…
had been buried so deep…
with feelings of anger and bitterness…
not realizing you had stuffed them to keep.
But we need to unpack…
and put our stuffing to an end… Continue reading

When Flood Gates Open…

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When flood gates open…
and the tears just won’t stop…
while the struggles over years…
into our memories just drop.
And memory after memory…
of all the times we’ve been wronged…
play repeatedly into our heads…
like a movie without a song.
Then we pull ourselves together…
like tightening a bodice with a string… Continue reading

Fisher Of Men

Embracing God's Grace

I’m not sure what it will take,

To pay for that mistake.

The one I made decades ago,

That swung my heart to and fro.

Merry-go-round of emotions since,

The kind of pain that makes you wince.

It promised much and provided little,

Satan asked if he should play his fiddle.

Mocking the death of my feelings,

Taunting me with memories when,

I made active choices to sin.

“But do you remember when…”

“If your wife knew that, then…”

“Your love is fake, your story is a lie.”

Round and round, despair takes my breath.

This must be what it feels like – death.

All of this because I wanted to see,

That which wasn’t meant for me.

Images on a screen, women that weren’t mine.

Innocence taken before its time.

Side effects that can still be felt,

Worse than a bruise, worse than a welt.

Scar tissue that runs…

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