Inspirational Song For Today: Relentless Persuit

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Sometimes we just need to take a step back and realize that what we may be pursuing is not God’s perfect will for us… then get back on track and pursue Him above all things. Continue reading


Inspirational Song For Today: Magnify

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There are times that we just cry out to God and ask Him to “take it all away”… all of our pain, all of our shame, all of our fears, all of our struggles, and even all of our failures. But God just wants us to remember that He created us all for a purpose… Continue reading

Praying for the Broken and the Hurting

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This is for all who are experiencing pain and brokenness. Please join me in prayer and if you want prayer for yourself or family, please leave your first name in the comments section. God bless you.

Praying for the broken and the hurting…
is what I feel we need to do today…
for many are struggling with issues…
whether emotional or physical each day.
And these struggles bring us down…
where we feel we can no longer cope… Continue reading