Inspirational Song for Today: Chain Breaker


Listening to the lyrics to this song tonight, I thought of October’s DV Awareness Month and the multitude who need a “Chain Breaker”. You see, many victims become trapped in the cycle of abuse that just keeps going around from honeymoon phases to explosive phases. They become immobile and accept the lies that are repeatedly spoken to them to tear them down. But God! He has better plans for each of us and He can break the chains that keep us held in bondage to our past.  Continue reading

Demonic Strongholds

Many of us fight battles of abuse or illness everyday and can’t seem to overcome these problems. Sometimes we need to take a look at what may be causing our continued problems in certain areas. I wrote this weeks ago and had it scheduled to post, then I heard a message on this yesterday. Are you having problems with anger, lust, unforgiveness, bitterness or many of the other issues that many deal with? Think about where our difficulties may be coming from. It’s not from God.

Demonic strongholds… was the word that I heard. But so many don’t believe… and think that it’s absurd. How can a battle be fought… that we can’t even see. How can these struggles occur… when we think we’re already free. Continue reading