Domestic Violence Awareness: Bullying

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affects many of all ages…
from school grounds to homes..
with domestic violence in all stages.
And it occurs in person…
or hidden where victims don’t see…
even in workplaces or the internet…
where cyber-bullying is a reality.
For many innocent are attacked…
through Facebook and twitter accounts… Continue reading

Remember– Bullying… Not so Cute

Young children are so cute,
with the expressions they make.
But teaching such actions,
may be a very big mistake.
For what looks cute,
when they’re small and young…
looks totally different,
when teenage bullying’s begun.

For a baby’s fist in the air,
with a frown on his face
may bring a parent’s smile,
and a loving embrace.
But the same expression,
on the face of a teen,
will bring a sign of warning,
of possible violent scene.

For bullying behaviors,
are usually learned at home…
by the way kids are treated,
and the actions they’re shown.
So what may be cute today,
may not be cute tomorrow…
’cause bullying and abuse,
leads many victims to sorrow.

For these babies grow to children,
then to teens then adults.
And these behaviors continue,
with many devastating results.
So teach your children,
the way they should act…
using the “The Golden Rule”…
No bullying should be a fact!

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

Matthew 7:12…

The Golden Rule

 “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.”


Source: Bullying… Not so Cute

Teen Suicide: 13 Reasons Why– Behind the Reasons

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This week, I have been watching a series about bullying and teen suicide entitled, “13 Reasons Why”. It touches on the seriousness of the effects of bullying on our teens… even leading to suicide. These abuses that our children encounter in schools are detrimental to it’s victims. It leads many teenagers into deep levels of darkness where they feel that they have no way out… except suicide. Continue reading

Bullying: A Must See Movie “A Girl Like Her”

Bullying is a huge problem. It is found in schools, workplaces, and even homes. Unfortunately, those who bully do not even realize that they are bullying because their behaviors  are learned and are considered acceptable to them. And those who witness it are too concerned about their own safety to stand up to the bullies for fear of retaliation against them. So victims endure more and more bullying… until something happens. Continue reading

The Weapon of Choice– Where Wounds Are Not Seen

Too many do not realize the damage that is done by hurtful words and actions, believing that the only “real” abuses are physical or sexual. But these verbal and emotional abuses cause wounds deep to our spirits and souls and set up many for failure, especially during this day and time with cyber-bullying with the various social media. The wounds inflicted are not visible to the naked eye… but God sees all the wounds and every cause. Nothing is hidden from God.

The weapon of choice…
where wounds are not seen.
With words and actions…
that are hurtful and mean.
Like calling someone “fat”…
  with laughter causing shame…
causing more emotional eating…
and extra weight that is gained. Continue reading