RICH!! Share the Wealth!


A billion dollar winner…
what would you do?
Give most of it away!!!
How does that sound to you?

Many victims are in need…
of a safe place to stay…
where they can be helped
to continue on their way. Continue reading

A Source of Anxiety: Triggers!

A source of anxiety…now that is a topic that many victims of abuse know much about. However, those who have never suffered this type of trauma may not be able to understand this anxiety.

A subject not understood by some…
but dreaded by others.
Things so insignificant to many…
but causing victims much troubles. Continue reading

DP Poem: “Pledge Allegiance”… One Nation Under God!!!


This was our original but it is now being changed by many to this….

How can our original documents from our founding fathers be altered???

pledge_of_allegiance no no no


One Nation UNDER GOD….

These words have been the KEY!!

The Key to our LIBERTY!

The Key to our prosperity!

But now many problems plague this country! Continue reading

Secret of Success: Isaiah 61:1
Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

I started this blog a few months ago as an outreach to the many broken around this world, exposing the devastation of abuse as well as the secret to overcoming it… The “Secret of Success” of this blog entirely rests on the Will of God… For He can bring it farther that I can imagine and open the hearts to millions through this social networking to receive His love, healing. and deliverance. There is nothing impossible with God.(Luke 1:37) Continue reading

On The Edge: From DISASTROUS to MIRACULOUS (Part 2)
Daily Prompt: On The Edge

As I saw this daily prompt, I knew that I needed to do a part 2 of today’s post:  From DISASTROUS to MIRACULOUS…

I know that we are living “ON THE EDGE” of a big movement of God. There are so many who have been broken and feel so hopeless. However,  I know that from the depths of the  devastation in our lives, it is inversely proportional to the heights of the  transformation of our lives. Continue reading

Fit to Write: “My Tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer” (Psalm 45:1)
Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

1 1 IMG_1641(1)

     Walking Wounded,  the song by Secret Angel and Diana Rasmussen

If anyone would have told me over a year ago that I would have written a book, started a blog, written a song, and started a ministry, I would have thought that they had a serious case of mistaken identity. Continue reading