Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones

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Stumbling blocks or stepping stones…
are the thoughts I had today…
when I realized the milestones we achieve…
when we persevere every day. Continue reading


A Lesson Learned in the Whirlwind

As we talked about turmoil in a domestic violence support group yesterday, I remembered this lesson that God showed me one day, and I wanted to share it with you. We have to look past the turmoil and whirlwinds in our lives and refocus on the One who can help us overcome it all.

This lesson is true…
so now I will share with you.
God opened my eyes yesterday…

with what I am about to say.
As I turned down a lonely street…
I saw a man with an impossible feat.
The wind was blowing in his trees…
with 1000’s of leaves twirling in the breeze. Continue reading

A Poem for Victims: Lingering Triggers (Psalm 107:19)

This is for the many who have never experienced violence and triggers from PTSD. These triggers are real and totally involuntary, causing many victims to relive their traumas again and again.

Memories! Oh, those memories…
triggering responses from the mind.
Like feeling your abuser,
coming up from behind.

Like a single word,
whispered in a threat.
Like a string of curses,
yelled with “you’ll regret”.

Memories! Oh, these memories…
how we long to forget..
they keep triggering responses,
breaking us out in sweat.

Continue reading

Domestic Violence Day 30: Warning Signs of Abuse

For the entire month of October, I have been posting information about the different abuses. As this month comes to an end, I want to post some warning signs of abuse. If any of you experience these warning signs, seek assistance or counsel of a trained professional. I can tell you that I wish I would have talked to someone when I saw warning signs while dating.  

Warning Signs of Abuse

The following questions ask you about your relationship. If you are not currently in a relationship, these are signs or “red flags” to assist people in identifying a potentially abusive person.