The God of Angel Armies Against Abuse

So much abuse in this world…
but God’s army is rising.
For the abusers and bullies…
in secret keep hiding.
The abuse and vengeance…
mostly hidden from human eyes…
are not hidden from God…
and abuse He truly despises.
For the wounds of this abuse…
are very deep to the soul.
But since no bruises are visible…
the word “abuse” is usually not told. Continue reading

Demonic Strongholds

Many of us fight battles of abuse or illness everyday and can’t seem to overcome these problems. Sometimes we need to take a look at what may be causing our continued problems in certain areas. I wrote this weeks ago and had it scheduled to post, then I heard a message on this yesterday. Are you having problems with anger, lust, unforgiveness, bitterness or many of the other issues that many deal with? Think about where our difficulties may be coming from. It’s not from God.

Demonic strongholds… was the word that I heard. But so many don’t believe… and think that it’s absurd. How can a battle be fought… that we can’t even see. How can these struggles occur… when we think we’re already free. Continue reading

Our Only Hope: He Heals the Brokenhearted… (Psalm 147:3-6)

The last 2 days, there has been an urgency  in my spirit  as I continue to pray for victims of sex trafficking, especially now as the New Jersey and New York areas are being saturated with people including sex traffickers and their victims for the festivities surrounding this year’s Super Bowl. The hotels, motels, and various places will have these sex trafficking victims seeking clients to meet their given quotas. I pray for massive numbers of people and authorities to be trying to find them and rescue them as I pray for a Mighty Move of God to deliver these victims from bondage. My heart breaks for these girls and young women who have become trapped in these situations.

Then, this morning as I read my Bible,

Psalm 147: 3-6 spoke to me as a message for all of these victims… Continue reading

HE LIFTS US UP: The Battle Rages On… (Ephesians 6:11-17)

Put on the Armor of God and stand firm. Use the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God–make declarations over your life and watch God fight your battle for you as you stand on His Word.


There are many victims of abuse who live their lives filled with turmoil, fear, and nightmares. Whether real or perceived, it feels like there is a constant battle going on around them as they live in fear of another attack by their abuser. The fear and struggles continue like whirlwinds twirling around their heads. Nightmares, panic attacks, and fear are experienced frequently….

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God is calling forth His army!!



One morning as I was working on my computer, I clearly heard the word… “Commissioned!”
Now, I have felt for months that God was mobilizing an army to help victims of abuse. And yes, God can sweep His mighty Hand across the land to fix everything that is wrong in a split second. God can do everything!

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