A Tug of War Is Occurring

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This is for the many who are struggling with things of the world versus things of God. We have to get our focus right… and then we can overcome every battle.

A tug of war is occurring…
from the left and the right today…
and includes the antics of the enemy…
who tries to steal our time with God away.
For many of us struggle…
with the demands of the world each day…
between work and family needs…
seems there’s less and less time to pray.
But we have to refocus… Continue reading


Inspirational Song For Today: “When We Pray”

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I wanted to share this song with you that I just heard tonight. The lyrics really touched me ’cause I have been one of these people who are hurting and who have been broken… and I have also seen God move when I cried out to Him in prayer.  The lyrics include,  “all the world starts changing, when the church starts praying.” God wants us to come together in prayer to pray for our families, each other, and even this entire country.  And as we pray, “let Your will be done” and release all our troubles to Him, we will all be surprised at what God will do for us.  Let us pray… Continue reading


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As we call upon the Lord in our times of need or even brokenness, let us remember that He is ALL things and has all these different Names for His different characteristics. Whether it’s healing or provision that you need, you can call upon His Name!!

Elohim (Creator God)

Jehovah Shammah (The Lord Is There)

Adonai (Lord, Master) Continue reading