Domestic Violence Day 2: Emotional Abuse

Today is Day 2 of  October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Series.
Yesterday I posted Part 1: Verbal Abuse… so today, I will continue with part 2 of this abuse series…

Day 2 of the DV series: Emotional Abuse…
There are so many victims!! There are so many wounds! And, each wound on every victim leads to the same thing…a brokenness as wounds after wounds pile up on each person.
Now, many people use the word verbal abuse and emotional abuse interchangeably. However, emotional abuse is actually inclusive of verbal abuse, but adds another dimension of abuse. Not only is the victim torn down and beat down verbally, they are actually abused by the abusers actions…stopping short of laying hands on them which would go into physical abuse. Continue reading

EXPOSURE…the key to stop abuse!

Expose abuse…

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

expose abuse

Exposure!! Every day, I see many people on blogs telling their stories about the horrors of their past with various abuses…but all with the same wounds and brokenness caused by the abuse. I see famous people starting to speak out about domestic violence like Patrick Stewart, Tyler Perry, and Teri Hatcher. The key to stopping abuse is to expose it…

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The Enemy’s Plan…


Some may ask what this picture means…  “Sometimes you face difficulties not because you are doing something wrong, but because you are doing something right.”  Well, I can tell you that the enemy is not going to mess with you when you are walking with him. Satan is perfectly happy when you are doing what he wants. However, when you are walking with the Lord, the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy and will throw obstacles in your path. He is using many deceptive tricks to cause people to stubble along their path with God. Satan does not want our paths to be easy… but God’s plan will prevail as long as we keep our eyes on Him.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly..”  (John 10:10) 

Poem: Just Be Still (Psalm 46:10)

What do you do,
when you have a broken heart?
What do you do,
when your world falls apart?
What do you do,
when your life has been a facade?
What you do is…
Be still! And know that there is a God.

What do you do,
when you are tricked by a guy?
What do you do,
when you’ve innocently lived a lie?
What do you do,
when you have loved a fraud?
What you do is…
Be still and know that there is a God. Continue reading

Poem: Tour of Violence (2 Chronicles 7:14)

In memory of 9/11, we’ll take a little a tour.
A visual depiction of violence going from shore to shore.
First goes the USA,
with reminders of that day.

Then across our land,
with violence at hands of man.

Then to Ethiopia and Rwanda we travel,
where bride kidnapping and rape unravels.

Next we travel to Bangladesh and Brazil,
where it is acceptable to “honor kill.”

Then we go to Pakistan,
with bride burning across their land. Continue reading

Ask, Seek, Knock… the Key to Finding

Matthew 7:7– I just love this scripture. This goes for everything that you need and even desire. But this also goes for seeking more of God. God is a Gentleman and will never push Himself on anyone. He has given each of us a choice, whether good or bad… right or wrong…Him or not. We have a choice but those who choose Him and seek more of Him, He will reveal more and show you the hidden treasures that those who don’t seek Him, will never see.

DP Poem: “Pledge Allegiance”… One Nation Under God!!!


This was our original but it is now being changed by many to this….

How can our original documents from our founding fathers be altered???

pledge_of_allegiance no no no


One Nation UNDER GOD….

These words have been the KEY!!

The Key to our LIBERTY!

The Key to our prosperity!

But now many problems plague this country! Continue reading

HE LIFTS US UP: A TREE!! ME?? What kind of tree are we?? (Luke 6:43-45)

Remember, a good tree produces good fruit. We each need to evaluate what kind of fruit we produce…good or bad, positive or negative… for a good tree does not produce bad fruit! Consider this when evaluating others for we do not know what lies in their heart but it is evidenced by their “fruit”.


Almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss comment…. However, I want to re-emphasize that many people walk around who pretend to be the sweetest, kindest person– until they are behind closed doors or possibly think that their behavior is not being observed by others. None of us are to judge. But, we can use wisdom and knowledge to discern truth from non-truth.

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We all need to do a self-evaluation. I pray that God will reveal to each of us what needs to be changed and that He will purify hearts around the world, setting us all free from our pasts, to walk in a new life with Him.


mirror refection

MIRROR, MIRROR, on the wall! What do you see?
One of the problems with abuse is that many people fail to identify their own personal character traits.

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