Lessons Learned…the hard way! (John 1:1)

Out from the bottom of the barrel to reaching for the highest cloud… I will now follow wherever my Lord leads me in blind faith, totally trusting Him…

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Many of you may wonder why I write this blog the way that I do…
Well, as some parents may teach their children little by little, day by day, year by year with morals to the story so that each story has a deeper meaning and makes an impact in that child’s life, I only wish that my parents had taught me that way. Unfortunately, I had to learn my lessons the hard way!

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Abusers! Previously Called Victims…as the cycle continues! (Matt. 6:14-15)

I felt that I needed to re-post another one of my original postings. We have to realize that as the cycle of abuse continues, many victims remain victims through life while others become abusive. Either way, they were once victims. We all need to pray for the cycle of abuse to be broken with healing and deliverance of our pasts for all of us.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

As a survivor of several abuses and abusers, I can tell you that there are many kinds of abuses in the world today…and many abusers. And yes, we all have compassion for the innocent victims. But, how many of us have stopped to think that most abusers learned their behaviors from the way that they were treated. In other words, the abusers were once the victims in many cases.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: No Curse Words Allowed on This Site!

no abusive language

I have felt the need to make this announcement today!
This blog is an extension of my life.
As an over-comer of abuse, I no longer tolerate any abuse in my life.
I am the owner of this blog and just like I do not allow cursing or any form of
curse words in my home, I will not allow any of these comments on my blog.

This blog, as well as my home,  has been dedicated to the Lord.
Cursing and any form of curse words is abusive and any comments with such will be deleted from this site.

I’m Afraid for You

This is an awesome message for victims of abuse… Seek help. Plan ahead. Important phone numbers included…

Prayers and Promises


©2013 Diana Rasmussen

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She lived in the trailer right across the street
not much of a neighbor she kept to herself
When the sun went down the fights would start
noises travel in a trailer park
I went over one day with cookies in hand
saw the fear in her eyes said

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

That night he came home
smelled something amiss
he started screaming and yelling
I heard punching fists

Afraid for my friend
I called 911
it was time for
this to be done

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

She stood…

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The 3 A’s of Brokenness— ABUSE, ABANDONMENT, AND ADULTERY… This is the word that I got today that I will share. May the Lord open hearts to receive His message….


The world today is so accepting of so many wrongs in this life. As we watch movies filled with violence and sexual improprieties, we unknowingly allow these things to become acceptable and lower the standards which have previously been set. Now, as I got the word improprieties as I was writing this, I was led to look up the definition…. Continue reading

Domestic Violence Emergency Checklist

The is an awesome post for victims of domestic violence around the world. Abuse and domestic violence are not isolated in a single area. I ask all believers to join together in prayer for all victims of the abuses of this world… I pray for deliverance of all victims from the evils of this world with healing and restoration across the land… Amen