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seems rampant in marriages today…
for many get “bored”…
and their hearts then stray.
And divorce is so easy…
like throwing in a towel or two…
even after years of marriage…
like trading the old in for new.
But marriage is a commitment… Continue reading

Inspirational Song For Today: A Mother’s Prayer

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There are so many mothers praying for their children out there… no matter how old they may be. Let us join together in prayer for all our children, all families, all marriages, and all souls… that we will come to know the Love of our Father and walk in to the fullness that He has planned for us.

Dear Lord, You know multitude of Your children who cry out to You for their own children. Now Lord, we know that You love our children even more that we do. You know the number of hair on every head. Continue reading

“Me-Too” Love– Think About It!

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This is for the many who always get a “Me too” response when they express love to someone. Beware of the “Me too” responses for something hinders them from expressing “Love”.

Have you ever said “I love you”…
then heard “me too” in return.
Now that’s what “Me-too” Love is…
and it’s something many have to learn.
For many people have difficulty…
to express “love” in an outward way…
and instead of saying “I love you”…
it’s only “Me-too” that they will say. Continue reading

Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month approaches, I will continue to share info on violence. Many are abused, men and women, children and elderly… the key to stopping the violence is to stop the silence… Please speak out and get help through local organizations or call the domestic violence hotline at 888-411-1333 for assistance.

Prayers and Promises

It has been brought up again and again, “Why doesn’t she just leave him?”  I wish there was an easy answer.  But it is different for each person.  That is why it is IMPERATIVE, in my opinion, that a victim seek professional help.  The Police get involved for a reason. There are counselors in place at every domestic violence shelter that I have ever been to.  There are professional counselors that will help lead a person out of bondage.  Even our regular MD Doctors ask us every visit, ” Do you feel safe at home?”  There are Pastors that can help someone get the help they need. I had to tell someone, anyone, what was going on. BREAKING THE SILENCE was  step one for me to get out alive.  I didn’t have to dump everything, I just had to say something…

Ok, you asked. Here are the statistics along with my…

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Protected by a Wall of Fire

God’s protection is very real.. There is POWER in His Word! Proclaim His Word over your life, seeking Him and allowing Him to guide your path…

Prayers and Promises

Protected by a Wall of Fire

Today I wanted to share some powerful scripture verses that you can claim and pray when you need Divine Protection.  When you speak these over yourself and your life – amazing things happen when you are a believer!  I cannot tell you how many times God stepped into my situation and gave me Divine Protection. He has protected me from abusers, car crashes, injuries, death, depression, violence, and so much more.  God is faithful to us, and to His WORD!

Psalm 5:11
But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

Psalm 18:2
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my…

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I’m Afraid for You

This is an awesome message for victims of abuse… Seek help. Plan ahead. Important phone numbers included…

Prayers and Promises


©2013 Diana Rasmussen

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She lived in the trailer right across the street
not much of a neighbor she kept to herself
When the sun went down the fights would start
noises travel in a trailer park
I went over one day with cookies in hand
saw the fear in her eyes said

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

That night he came home
smelled something amiss
he started screaming and yelling
I heard punching fists

Afraid for my friend
I called 911
it was time for
this to be done

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

She stood…

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