A Song of Deception: A Stranger in My House

These words about deception ring in my spirit today. As these days progress, more and more deception is coming our way. “Be not deceived” was a warning from God. The only way to not be deceived, is the Spirit of Truth within you…so reach for the Lord for He sent His Holy Spirit to be our Guide… I pray that hearts will be opened to receive His warning….

When we were young, so innocent and pure,
I thought our love would forever endure.
I totally trusted and in him believed.
Never expecting to be totally deceived. Continue reading

TRUST… How to Trust Again?

Trust was the word that I got today…   so I dedicate this poem to all of you who have been wounded by those that you loved and your trust was broken.  Abuse, adultery, abandonment… all of these destroy the trust that we develop in others as children . I pray for healing for all of you and total restoration as you TRUST GOD with your life….

A simple word to most.
But hardly simple!
My past full of ghosts.

Simply done as a child.
But hardly simple,
when destroyed by vile. Continue reading

Abuses of this world, part 12: Financial or Economic Abuse

I have been doing a series on the abuses of this world.
So far, I have written the following:
“Abuses of this world, part 1: Verbal Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 2: Emotional Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 3: Physical Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 4: Psychological Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 5: Child Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 6: Elder Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 7: Spiritual Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 8: Cyber-stalking and Cyber-bullying.
“Abuses of this world, part 9: Drug Abuse/Substance Abuse,
“Abuses of this world, part 10: Alcohol Abuse,
and then “Abuses of this world, part 11: Bullying.

So now, I will continue with this series on the various abuses in this world. The next abuse that I want to talk about is “Financial Abuse” or “Economic Abuse.” Continue reading

Faith, Hope, and Love (1 Cor. 13:13)

fatih hope love2

Have you ever felt that your life has just fallen apart? Or felt that all of your plans for the future have just been shattered? Or maybe even felt like your chest had just exploded with your heart bursting out from its place of safety within your rib cage? A feeling like you just exploded or maybe even imploded. It is in this point of total brokenness, that there is nothing left in this world for you to hold onto. Continue reading

LUST…..Beware! It’s Not Love (Gal.5:16)

broken heart
LUST!!! Beware of the dangers! So many people are in such a hurry to “find that special someone” or to be “in a relationship” (like the status they put on facebook) that they often ignore some important warning signs or let go of the standards that they have set for themselves. Many teenagers especially feel pressured to “have a boyfriend or girlfriend.” They actually feel like they are missing out on something that other’s have or even missing an important part of their young lives. When this happens, sometimes the things that they had found that they did not like in people will suddenly become tolerable. The ways that others act which they could not stand before… becomes acceptable. The negative words or curse words that others speak, which they would have never spoken before this time, becomes funny or OK. The standards which they had set for themsleves during their young lives become lower. But, is the end result happiness? Continue reading