Know Who You Are– Who You Truly Are!

Image result for know who you are they have stolen the heart from inside you but that does not define you

“Know who you are” are the words that came to me today and is a message that I want to share with you all. The spiritual significance of this scene in this movie always just melts my heart.  Most of us have been broken through the traumas of this life but the real truth to who we are is found in God’s Word. We are the sons and daughters of God. We are heirs to His Throne.  We are called to walk as Christ walked Continue reading

Speak What You Seek– Mark 11: 24

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This is for those who are struggling with various obstacles in their life. Speak Life. Speak the outcome that you want to see… and watch it become your reality.

Speak what you seek…

until you see what you’ve said!

Now these are words of wisdom…

for those seeking the miraculous instead.

For if we come into agreement…

with any negative that is spoken… Continue reading