Inspirational Song For Today: Days of Elijah– A Must See

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Have you ever heard a song many times but the words just never touched you… until one day. Well, today was that day. These are the days of Elijah!! This is the year of Jubilee! And then seeing this video with almost all of the Marine singing this song and praising JEHOVAH just brought tears to my eyes. It’s powerful!! The soldiers who fight for our country praising God. And I totally agree with them… THERE’S NO GOD LIKE JEHOVAH!! Continue reading


Today, I just want to worship God for all that He has done and continues to do for us. Join me in worship and praising our Lord Jesus Christ… for He is Alive!! He is here with us, advocating for us, and doing more for us than most even realize. I pray that the Body of Christ will rise up to the levels that He has called each of us to for His Kingdom purposes to be fulfilled on earth.

FOREVER By Kari Jobe Continue reading

Praise You in This Storm

This is for the many who continue to struggle through the storms in our lives. These struggles are not easy and have torn many victims apart… But God! God can turn every thing around in our favor in a split second… so  just trust Him to get you through the storm

Though my heart is torn…

I will praise You in this storm.

That is what God desires…

this level of faith to be our norm. Continue reading

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough… (Matthew 17:20)

My heart has been singing songs the last two days with praises to the Lord.  Many people think that praising God is only in Christian music or worship songs. Many people also think that worshiping God is only done in the sanctity of a church while a choir sings. Then, other people think that there is no way that some songs can be used to praise God. Well, I can tell you that too many of us have put God in a box. He can not be held to a certain standard. He can not be held to a certain expectation. He uses any and everything. He knows what is in our hearts. Continue reading