Inspirational Song for Today: Joseph’s Lullaby

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As I think of my own children and grandchild, this song just really touched my heart. Joseph’s Lullaby could be a prayer for every father over their son as they dedicate them to the Lord before their calling has begun. For God has a plan and purpose for each and every one… just like He had a plan for His own begotten Son. Continue reading

A Message to Single Parents

This is a message…
to single parents out there…
for I know that life can be difficult
and so very unfair.
Now many of you feel hurt
especially with Father’s Day…
as you struggle to raise your children
alone every single day.
You try to teach them right from wrong
and lead them on the right path…
but they see anger or drunken behavior
mixed with various abuse and wrath. Continue reading

Poem: A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s Heart

A special bond is formed,
as her child grows inside.
Nourishing her unborn…
a process only God could provide.

And her child grows,
tucked safely under her heart.
Till the day her baby’s born,
and given a fresh new start.

But that special bond was formed,
with each precious heartbeat…
A mother’s love lasts forever…
a bond never to be defeated. Continue reading