Inspirational Song For Today: King of The World

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This song was on my mind today and I wanted to share. How many of us do this? Keep the Lord within the confines of our mind. So many of us still put God in a box and will not let our minds go beyond what we have been taught by man or doctrine. God wants us to trust Him… and let Him lead us into our future that He has planned for us. Not a life filled with abuse and turmoil… Continue reading

Has Religion Hurt You?


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So many have been hurt by various religions with their rules and regulations or standards which have been set. But just remember, religion is man-made. God created man… not religion.  He sent His Son to save us and wants to have a relationship with each of us. He is the Key to overcoming!! I pray that all will find The Key!

There are so many religions…
out in the world today.
They all have different doctrines…
and lead people a certain way.
Some require distinct clothing…
or certain ways to wear their hair.
Some require no makeup…
and other things I will not share. Continue reading