Bullying: A Father’s Heart-Felt Plea

This was a response that I received from my posting yesterday, entitled  Bullying… Not so Cute., and I felt that I should share with my readers. This plea is from a father named Jeff…

Jeff says:
“My son is an A student in advanced education in NC. He has been bullied to the point where he came home crying and didn’t want to go back to school. Of course my heart sunk; my son whom loves to go to school, came home and walked into the room, head hung low and his face covered.This is not how my son is, so I knew something was wrong. I asked him “son what’s the matter” he lowered his head even further and covered his face completely and began to cry. He was so humiliated and hurt,he could barely tell me what was wrong. My son whom I have been raising alone since he was 2 due to my wife’s untimely death, along with his little brother and 2 sisters. I moved us here because of the terrible bullying going on in the school district in Delaware. What are parents doing these days? My God where is the love these parents should be giving their children…hate is NOT funny. Hurting others is wrong. Love begins in the home, with the parents. Our children are the future. It is not funny to teach your child such hateful things. Parents, love, compassion, understanding, guidance in a positive direction is what you should be teaching your child, not tough guys win type attitude. How terrible is mankind’s future, please consider a different way. Love your children, talk to them like human beings, teach them compassion. We are all human,no one person deserves to suffer. Stop now and think, do I love my child? It is easy to say “yes, I love my child” and another to show it. Please, the future depends on you. It starts in the home. And then when the flower blooms, will it shine beauty on the world? It is up to you parent.”

You can find Jeff at his blog, Class Bullies: No one should have to endure being bullied!  at http://jeffkenneth55.wordpress.com/

A cry in the Wilderness.

stop bullying now!.